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Pocket Microscope With Accessoryfor Ordinary Smart Phone
« on: 16 February 2012, 08:33:52 AM »
ScienceDaily (Feb. 15, 2012) — A
pocket-size microscope accessory
developed by Finnish scientists will be
accurate to one hundredth of a

 VTT Technical Research Centre of
Finland has developed an optical
accessory that turns an ordinary
camera phone into a high-resolution
The device is accurate to
one hundredth of a millimetre.
Among those who will benefit from
the device are the printing industry,
consumers, the security business, and
even health care professionals. A new
Finnish enterprise called KeepLoop Oy
and VTT are already exploring the
commercial potential of the invention.
The first industrial applications and
consumer models will be released in
early 2012.
The operation of the device is based
on images produced by the combined
effect of an LED light and an optical
lens. Various surfaces and structures
can be examined in microscopic detail
and the phone's camera used to take
sharp, high-resolution images that
can be forwarded as MMS messages.
An ordinary mobile phone turns into
an instant microscope by attaching a
thin, magnetic microscope module in
front of the camera's normal lens. The
device fits easily in the user's pocket,
unlike conventional tubular
The plastic macro lens of the mobile
phone microscope magnifies objects
effectively. The camera's field of view
is 2 x 3 millimetres. A number of LEDs
have been sunk into the outer edge of
the lens, allowing objects to be
illuminated from different angles.
Images illuminated from several
different angles could be used to
produce 3D topographic maps, for
example, with mobile phone
software. The 3D maps would be
accurate to one hundredth of a
The competitive edge of the product is
based on next-generation lens
technology, the compact and user-
friendly structure, and customisable
extra features.
The mobile phone microscope is
suited for examining surfaces and
surroundings, for security, health
care, and even games
The mobile phone microscope could
also be used to study surface
formations, especially in the printing
industry as part of quality control and
in field conditions. In the security
business the device could be used, for
example, to read microcode in
various logistics systems, while it is
also suited for studying security
markings, and for authenticating
products as genuine as part of brand
protection. The microscope is capable
of detecting hidden symbols in
products that are not visible to the
naked eye.
The device can also be applied to
study of the environment. Consumers
could use the instant microscope
when out and about to examine the
leaves of trees and plants, for
example, or study insects. Another
potential application is in examining
textile structures such as strands of
hair, or the fibrous structure of paper.
The device also has uses in social
media, and in community-based
hybrid media where traditional forms
of media are used in combination
with each other. There are also
several potential applications in the
gaming world.
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